A Candid Conversation with Myself: Unpacking My Journey

Hey, I am Sajwal.

Nice to meet you!

Instead of writing regularly about me or my bio, I thought I would make it more interesting by interviewing myself.

Could you introduce yourself?

Hello there! I’m Sajwal. For a change of pace, I’m conducting a self-interview. My journey over the past few years has been all about propelling brands to new heights in the digital realm, driving sales, and building memorable brands.

What does your professional day look like?

Think of me as a one-stop shop for digital marketing and sales expertise. My day-to-day involves crafting data-driven marketing strategies, nurturing brand identities, driving sales through innovative campaigns, and analyzing market trends to stay ahead of the curve. It’s a mix of creativity, strategy, and a dash of analytics – the perfect recipe for success in today’s digital world.

How do you manage to cover both marketing and sales?

Passion, simply put. I believe that effective digital marketing is the foundation for successful sales. My approach is holistic – understanding a brand inside out and then conveying its story in a way that resonates with the audience, ultimately leading to sales growth. To make things clear, I do not do and or claim to be good at the “actually going on calls” part of sales, I am good at building outbound campaigns that get people to call for my teammates (fun things like prospecting, technical setup, domain reputation monitoring, email copywriting etc).

What inspired you to blend marketing with sales?

It was a natural progression. Digital marketing is about connecting with people, and sales are the culmination of that connection. I realized early on that the synergy between marketing strategies and sales tactics could create powerful results, and I’ve been honing these skills ever since. And I realized that even more on my Growth role at Jetdocs (YC W21) where as part of a small team I looked at all aspects.

So, you’re more than just an SEO guy at Jetdocs?

Oh, absolutely! While SEO is a significant part of what I do, my role is much broader. It encompasses understanding customer psychology, crafting compelling brand narratives, and devising sales strategies that convert leads into loyal customers.

What about branding? How does that fit into your profile?

Branding is at the heart of everything I do. It’s about telling a story in a way that creates an emotional connection with the audience. Whether it’s through content, campaigns, or customer interactions, I ensure that the brand’s voice is consistent, compelling, and converts.

What tools or methodologies do you favor in your work?

I’m all for using cutting-edge digital tools and methodologies that enhance both marketing and sales effectiveness. My 2 years experience in agency setting meant I had to work with a lot of different businesses, which means familiarity with different CRM’s, email marketing tools, analytics tools and much more! This includes CRM software, advanced analytics, and the latest in digital marketing platforms. It’s about having the right mix of tools to analyze data, predict trends, and engage customers.

Finally, any plans for your content strategy this year?

Definitely! This year is all about sharing more insights, stories, and strategies. It’s not just about showcasing what I do, but also about helping others navigate the ever-evolving world of digital marketing and sales. So, stay tuned for more engaging and informative content!

Please feel free to connect with me on my Linkedin & ask any questions.